Faces of Conservation


Emma Hayward is a student at The New School where she is working towards an Environmental Studies degree and is also an intern at the American Geographical Society. When asked what conservation means to her and why it is important she stated, “When thinking on a global scale, conservation can quickly become overwhelming. The notion that if each person does what they can by acting locally and often is what made conservation click for me.  If everyone plays their own small part and commits to living mindfully, the Earth and its beautiful ecosystems can be enjoyed for generations to come.”


Hunter student, Kathleen Emerson, first became passionate about conservation when she chose to stop eating meat to conserve both the lives of animals and the land we use to feed those animals. “The rate at which we are raising animals for human consumption is entirely unsustainable. The amount of land we destroy for animal grazing and animal feed is enormous, and not to mention, meat production is responsible for a considerable amount of the greenhouse gas emissions that are warming our planet and destroying our environment.”